26 March 2012


The way Western Culture responds to something they've become ashamed of is to stop doing it and speak of it no more.

The important thing is that the shameful practice has stopped.

The speaking of it no more portion is an acknowledgement that stopping was admirable, but since the practice was shameful we may not be proud.

A problem has developed with our coping mechanism.

One group who was shamefully treated is not really part of our culture, and do not want to be fully part of it.  They will not shut up about it.

They repeatedly bring up the shame, over and over.  They never mention that the activity has ended.  They never mention the sacrifice in blood made to right the principle wrong.  They never mention the ethnicity (notice I don't say race?) of the people who worked at fixing the remaining injustices.

It was something that they could not fix themselves because they were powerless to do so.  It was fixed because it became known as being wrong and the people in power decided to end the shameful practices.

What the groups representing the recently liberated ethnic group are doing is making the majority who did the hard lifting on their behalf regret their decision to do so.

The shutting up about it is not asking for thanks, but surely we deserved better than the blood dancing ethnic baiting rent seeking behavior we are getting.

We most certainly could have left you in chains.  It was an option on the table.  Ironically they can thank the Confederate States for firing on Fort Sumter for taking it off the table.

Speaking of that war, do any of the racist bastards dancing the blood this past week think they would have been better off if the 365,000 men who died to free them had refused to fight?

Since you've got my hackles up "gentlemen" I think it's time we started talking about reparations.  What's the weregild on a Union soldier with 151 years of interest?

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