30 March 2012


When people are supporting more money for schools they are supporting more money for teachers.

For better teachers who will facilitate their children's learning.

What they don't care about is:

More administrators.
Spending three times as much on Apple than PC's.  I checked, Apple doesn't donate near as much any more.
Special parking spaces for low emission vehicles.
New buildings in lieu of repairing old buildings.

Add your likes and dislikes to the list.


  1. Teacher In Service days (kids out) where the teachers are taught the latest political leanings.

    Class time filled with "climate change" indoctrination instead of, oh I don't know, actual science.

  2. teaching kids how to put a rubber on a banana.

  3. "What they don't care about is: [...] New buildings in lieu of repairing old buildings."

    Well, not until the old building falls down, at least. And even then, it can be a fight to build a new one.


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