23 March 2012

Encyclopedia Brittanica

It's going out of print.

Well being printed on paper, it's still going to be available digitally.

What I love most about real, printed, books is nobody can come amend the words later on.

Grab an old dictionary and look up Stalin and Hitler.  Or infringed.  Compare those to a brand new dictionary.

Is Stalin a Communist Dictator or a Russian politician?

Is the usage of infringed as relates to the second amendment even there?  If it is there is it noted as archaic or obsolete?

With digital copies of this information the publisher can amend the entries to the current fashion and unless you were familiar with the entry; you'd never know it had changed!

What if you used a particular entry as a citation and it changed in a way that no longer supported your argument?

A partial defense is a digital copy needs a comprehensive revision history, but that doesn't protect you from silent editing.

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