17 March 2012

New Shooter!

Going to the range today to let someone give handguns a try.

He's been interested in guns for years but has not been able to own one.  First because he lived in California and didn't want to deal with all the fuss surrounding them there.  Second because even after he moved to Florida his wife forbade him to buy a gun.

Well, the wife is now an ex-wife...

I'm bringing a Glock 21, Springfield 1911 GI, S&W Sigma in .40 S&W and a SIG P232 for him to try out.

Marv is bringing a Bersa and an FEG PA63.

Adam is looking to spend $300-$400 and says he likes how Glocks look.  I think he's going to do fine.


  1. Your friend is definitely heading in the right direction - a man doesn't need a wife who "forbids" him anything he didn't agree to in his wedding vows. I hope you both have tons-o-fun!

  2. New shooters are good :) Hope you all had fun.

  3. Likes how Glocks look? Well that's unusual, and VERY fortunate.

    I've met so many people who are totally in love with the look of H&K pistols. On one hand I put so many round downrange from my stainless S&W1911 because I love it so much, and part of it is its stunning good looks in my eyes.

    And on the other hand, a new shooter needs to buy cleaning gear, ammo, safety gear, holsters, training etc. None of that is terribly conducive to buying the best $500 pistol for $900, and that goes double for those $50 magazines.

    But when a new shooter likes Glocks or Revolvers, well they're already making practical choices for impractical reasons!

  4. Lol my bosses first gun, only, and last gun was some fancy $3000 custom 1911. He shot it 3 times. Said it hurt his hand and put it back in th box.


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