01 July 2017

Add Astra

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Additional Astra

The Astra Model 600/43 is a smaller, shorter, more powerful version of the Astra 400.

It's shorter, because it uses the 9x19mm Parabellum instead of the longer, weaker 9mm Largo.

It's my blog and I can make whatever claims I want!

But Parabellum really is shorter than Largo.

Arguably, when they changed round, the made the magazine release worse.  The teeny button doesn't have much positive travel and the little spur sticking out the side isn't easy to grasp.  The more conventional heel release of the 400 is just easier to use.

That said, if this was the only magazine release you'd encountered; it'd be simple to get used to.  It's not a bad way to do things, it's just odd and awkward to use if you're used to virtually any other way of doing it.

These things are built like tanks.  They're also machined to a high standard of tolerance and fit.  It's SMOOTH and tactilely nice to work the slide.

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