01 July 2017

How Long Does It Take

Rodney Alcala has been sucking my precious oxygen for at least 38 years longer than should have been possible.

He's been convicted of lots of violent crimes.  Including Murder.

The oldest conviction is from 1980, and he's been in jail since 1979.

He's still being indicted on additional murders.

His first "conviction" was for attempted murder and rape; but he plead down to assault.  The crime took place in 1968, but the conviction was in 1971.

This could have been nipped in the bud right there.

I'm going to bet that this initial experience with the law taught him a he could get away with it and emboldened him.

Emboldened for perhaps 130 murders.

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  1. I was a freshman in college when John Wayne Gacy was caught and convicted, and I was years out of college when he was executed. We had a little party to celebrate over at Kurt Wilcken's place.


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