30 May 2020

Take Off!

With a crew named Bob and Doug...

It's a beauty, eh?

Dragon crew has the USA back in the launchin' people (and Marines) business.

About fucking time!


  1. That was good to watch.

  2. Very good to watch. And the Marine still looks like a marine.

    So great to watch on tv.

    Makes me want to go to Jetty Park in Canaveral and camp out for the next one.

    Really neat is that this was just supposed to be a dock and dash, only staying for a few days, but NASA wants to extend to 4 months if docking goes well.

    Haven't been this excited about space travel since the Skylab days.

  3. It was teased that the crew had given the craft a name - but that it would not be revealed to the public until launch day.

    I can't find it mentioned anywhere, although, to be fair, I haven't looked all that hard, as I am out the door shortly to go to the range for the first shoot since the Wu Ping Cough shut-down.

    Anybody know what it is?

    1. Heard it during the docking maneuver - Endeavour.

      Funny how colour is spelled color in the US, but the 'u' in Endeavour is retained in all the references to it that I can find.

    2. ,,, I was hoping for something dragon themed, or from Banks' Culture series.


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