20 July 2016

No It Isn't

Dear Mr Vickers,

No, the FAL does not have an SVT gas system and tilting bolt.

The FAL is derived from the SAFN (aka FN49) which was being designed at the same time as the SVT and in isolation from it.

Tokarev and Saive weren't in communication and there was this whole nazi Germany thing in between them.

Saive actually started work before Tokarev.

Neither gun can be properly described as using the others systems at all.

Wanna know something telling about this?

Who invented the tilting locking system?  Who invented the long stroke gas system using a separate, spring loaded, gas piston?

Did you google that?  Find an easy answer?

We could say that both the SVT and the FAL use a Lee style tilting bolt.

We should say that both designers came up with similar ideas on their own, independently from one another.

Larry should learn the correct terms for a tilting bolt rather than make simplistic comparisons with the assumption that the viewer is more familiar with one gun over the other.

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