08 July 2016

Can We Finally Name It

Can we finally say that bigotry is egalitarian and that anyone can hate?

That being a member of a minority group does not absolve you of being a bigot?

Can we now say that there are black people as racist towards white people as any Klansman ever was the other way?

Used to be the charge of racism was deflected by saying that blacks had no power, therefore their hatred couldn't be racism.  With a black president and attorney general, can you actually say blacks have no authority and power?

Be honest.

Never mind they admit to the hate while deflecting the label of racist.

If you cannot name the problem, you cannot fight the problem.  Well, five cops are dead now because of the racism that cannot be named.  Six more are wounded because of a the racism that cannot be named.

Bonus:  Racists continually show how stupid they are too:  Cops in Dallas, TX being shot over something that happened in Minnesota.  To get farther from the triggering event he'd almost have had to leave the country.

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