16 July 2016

Combat Robots

In Traveller canon the Zhondani make extensive use of combat robots.

I remember a player objecting to their presence because such robots would be in violation of "The Three Laws".

I replied that it was unlikely the Zhodani had read Asimov.

Then I had to explain that the three laws were from a series of science fiction stories written by Issac Asimov.

They really didn't know!


  1. I've been wondering what the Dallas PD robot could have said: Asimov Akbar! or DARPA, DARPA, Microsoft Jihad!

    1. There's a story that when Asimov saw _2001: A Space Odyssey,_ he ran up to one of his friends during the intermission, yelling "They're violating First Law! They're violating First Law!"

      His friend said "So why don't you smite them with lightning, Isaac?" That shut him up.


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