16 July 2016


I have, on occasion, dismissed the M14 as just a Garand converted to take 7.62x51mm and a 20 round detachable magazine.

I should consider that an FAL is kind of an SAFN converted to take 7.62x51mm and a 20 round detachable magazine as well.


  1. I don't think a FAL or a FAL owner would get very upset.

  2. I'm an M1A owner, and I take no offense at considering an M14 as basically a Garand derivative. Especially since for all practical purposes the full auto capability of it was not used. Besides the caliber conversion and the detachable box mag which was a nice change compared to the enblock Garand clip, the only other real obvious upgrades were the more vented top cover to aid in barrel cooling and the flash suppressor/muzzle brake. That's fairly nice... I've shot my Garand at night a few times and the muzzle flash is to say the least, impressive. But really all the changes are more or less evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Perhaps owning and appreciating a Garand as well as the M1A makes me less likely to be offended also.


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