14 July 2016

Not Mutually Exclusive

You most certainly can be a reprehensible human being and also be a hero.

The two things overlap a lot more often than most people want to believe.

However, there's a long standing tradition that your sins are washed clean and forgiven if you die a heroic death.  This makes it unseemly to drag said hero's name through the mud with accusations posthumously.  Even if the accusations are true.

Where was your investigatory prowess before he died?


  1. Elucidate, please. I'm an old fart and can't do cryptic.

  2. To do so will participate in the mud dragging.

    Especially since I am not certain that the hero did anything more than get shot dead to be called such.

    This is a reply to a reporter finding out that one of the Dallas cops killed recently has some of the earmarks of being a white supremacist. Read here if you wanna know more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jesse-benn/slain-dallas-cop-mightve_b_10953276.html

  3. Thank you. I subscribe to the theory that special writer snowflakes always lie - based on my personal observation versus the "news story" filed. I have been wrong but not about this.


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