25 July 2016


Banning modern semi-automatic rifles because they only had muskets in 1789 is like...

Banning tractors because they only had horses and slaves back then.


  1. Or banning radios & TVs because they only had newspapers in the 1780s.

    Or banning computers, printers, photocopiers and modern offset printing presses because the 1st Amendment only covers individual set type and hand engraved plates.

    It is either incredibly naive or massively offensive to think that the founding fathers could not have conceived of things like modern cartridge firearms or semi-automatic firearms given the amount of progress in technology they'd seen in the couple hundred years leading up to the revolution. One of the reasons the colonists won independence is that their rifled barrels were an advancement over the smooth bore muskets the British troops were issued. And there were people working on cartridges for firearms in those days and it is likely that the founding fathers being the educated people of the times would have known about that work.

    There are people out there though who would like to roll back time to before the industrial revolution or even back as far as 632 AD for various reasons. But you can't un-invent things without horrific evils such as mass "re-education", years of indoctrination or full scale genocide. You know... all the things that usually happen when a "marxist/communist" system is imposed by the dictators or a theocracy is imposed by the clerics. That is the kind of future of history repeating itself that will result if those people take over.

  2. In addition, there were a fairly substantial number of repeating firearms they were not only aware of, but WANTED (they just couldn't swing the price for most of them before or after the war). The first revolvers and pepperboxes showed up in what, late 1400s to early 1500s? Puckle gun was contemporary, 1.5" cannon with quick-swap approximately-revolver cylinders. Plus all the various stacked-shot flintlocks that were basically Metal Storm before it was cool.

    1. Don't forget the Girandoni air rifle! 22 shots.


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