16 July 2016

Grenade Sight Restoration

I repainted the markings on Jasmine's rifle grenade sights.

Testors Model-Master Insignia Yellow, some thinner and a Q-Tip and all "restored".


  1. Hi Angus,
    "I" would have used Testors "CUB YELLOW!!!!!!!" Then again being an old and I mean "OLD" Model Airplane Freak, Teastors "Cub Yellow" is the "Yellow of Yellow's!!!" Still, nice job.

    1. Insignia Yellow is the only yellow in my paint box that's still liquid.

      I'd have run out for more, but it was dark, and there were wolves.

    2. Hi Angus,
      BTW Who if yer' an old Model freak like me can forget, besides "Cub Yellow," there was "Stearman Red," "Stinson Green," "Corsair Blue, and who can forget "Taylorcraft Cream!!!!!!" .....I still have a few bottles of those "colors" in my "Archives!!!" Over the years if they start to get a little "dry" just add some acetone or thinner!!!!!!
      Blue skies,

    3. A couple years ago I weeded out the "archive" of the paints that were fully dried.

      I lost a lot of paint that way and lots of colors that aren't made anymore.


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