12 July 2016

A Hearty Fuck You


John Brown, of Northpoint Response Group.
Curt Wolf, of US Armament Corp.
Jeff Folloder,
Robert Landies of Ohio Ordnance Works.
Wayne Weber of H&K USA.
Robert Segel of Small Arms Review.

This is the board of NFATCA.  They are why eFile is down and not coming back.  They are why we're going to have to engrave the tube of the silencer rather than end-caps.

They are meddlers who are not on our side.

Starve them if you can.

Their responses to inquiries as to WHY they meddled sure echo the thought processes attributed so negatively to one William Ruger Sr.  Thoughts that led to boycotting Ruger, thoughts that some have not forgiven even years since his death and a complete change in the direction of the company.

Why on earth should we not treat these "people" the same way?

Never, ever, trust someone who justifies a law or regulation with, "No honest person," verbiage.  They're setting you up.

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