23 July 2016

More Parts To The Story


h/t Miguel

Around 50 yards with an AR and he "missed" hitting Kinsey by mistake?

Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

This has every earmark of a bad shoot and both the shooting officer and his suspended supervisor should be looking through gray steel curtains for a while.  Felony a while.

Shit like this is why cops who aren't fucking up get blamed and this is the teensy kernel of truth lurking inside the Bureau of Land Management Black Lives Matter's protests.  That the police can shoot whomever they want with impunity.

It's not true, but if these officers walk, then who's making whose point?

Jonathan Aledda has shown he cannot be trusted with a firearm at the very least.  What's the charge if you or I pop off a negligent round and hurt someone?  I seem to recall Florida having a 10/20/life law...

And there you are.  Except, once again, there's an exception for cops.  Laws for me and not for my government employees are the very root of tyranny; no matter how light the chains.

Emile Hollant has betrayed the public trust, however, and he needs to be incarcerated for a good long time.  Yes, I consider his actions worse than Mr Aledda's.  Mr Aledda might have made a mistake, Mr Hollant did it deliberately.

Fuck him.

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  1. Agreed! That was an ND at best, and something far worse, depending on whom you talk to...


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