16 July 2016

Actually Black America Is Failing To Deal With It

Henry Rollings, a known dancing monkey, says "White America couldn't handle what Black America deals with every day."

Henry, there's nothing a black person is going through that didn't happen to white people in America.  (Hint: In 1860 is it better to be a black slave in Georgia or a free Irishman in Boston?)

That includes slavery.  Bigotry.  Ghettos.  Violence.  All of it.

The difference is there's nobody nursing a grievance generations after the offense if you're white.

Blacks came ever so close to putting it behind them just like all sorts of European immigrants.  You may thank LBJ for fucking that up for them, and he predicted they'd be grateful for the fucking as well.  He even used the dread n-word to describe his prediction.

What Mr Rollins doesn't seem to know is that every ethnic group dealt with what blacks deal with today.  He doesn't seem to know that this is at least the second time that blacks have been going through it.

This is how America treats people who claim to be American, but haven't wholeheartedly joined the culture.

What changed is too many blacks don't want to be part of the culture, but wish to have full access to the benefits that membership affords.  They want all the pluses and none of the negatives.

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