25 July 2016

Feed Rate

I've decided that the reason that Marv is 6'-6" tall is that he's part ogre.

I've come to this conclusion watching him finish two 80% lowers.

He's managed to slay two 4-flute, 1/4" end-mills now.

When you use a router to hold the mill you've got to have a deft hand on the mill and only move as fast as the mill is cutting.  Marv is putting too much pressure on the router and it causes chatter and breaks the mills.

In more positive news, his second lower is the one we drilled way to deep on the rear shelf.  Some 1/4-28 all thread rod and a nut have replaced the pistol grip screw and there seems to be enough thread to hold the grip on!  We did have to relieve the inside of the grip for tool-clearance so you can get a socket down there, but it works.

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