20 July 2016


Reading political blogs is sometimes interesting.

I've noticed a trend concerning Trump.

If the writer used to be a Republican, they think he's going to lose big.

If the write is still a Republican, they think he's going to win big, but be a disaster.

They both agree that Hillary will be a disaster.

Personally I think Trump has an excellent chance of winning and he's going to be as effective as Gov. Jesse Ventura as both parties gang up on him in Congress.

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  1. I personally hope that nobody in the White House any time soon is "effective". Especially not Hillary... but even Trump I'd rather have not much happen. While a lot of people cry bitterly about "gridlock". I am in favor of it. The less the Federal Government does, the better as far as I'm concerned. I can live with things the way they are. When the government starts messing with things it usually makes things worse. "Progressives" can take their "change" and shove it up their @$$3$. If we haven't needed a law about something in 240 years, we probably just don't need one!

    Anyway... Hillary in the White House scares me. She's too likely to make horrific deals with the other side's evil people in order to get her master's (the Bilderbergs, Soros, Bloomberg, etc -- the shadows behind the curtain people) agenda done. Trump on the other hand would be entertaining... not likely to propose or push anything that scares me much... and if nothing happens and he gets nothing done at all... Well, like I said... That is just fine.


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