19 July 2016

Hate Crime

When we get corresponding Love Crime sentence reductions, I'll think about hate crime sentence enhancement being valid.

For fuck's sake, nobody is going to do anything covered by hate-crime statutes because they like someone much.  I reject the concept that making something that's illegal MORE illegal has any deterrence value at all.

Adding the cops to the list of protected species covered by those statutes is a bad plan on top of the hate-crime bad idea.

The list of things that cops and ex-cops get that we normal folk don't is already rather large.  It's also been a wedge issue for people like me who want to see many fewer differences between cops and everyday citizens.

The thing that the cops have over normal folks is cop shootings don't go unsolved.  Ever.

As I mentioned before, there really aren't a lot of cops getting shot.  Yes, there's a spike, but it's far too soon to call it a trend.  It is not yet time to DO SOMETHING with the concurrent THIS is SOMETHING - we MUST do THIS!

Never mind that if it is a trend, if it's caused by what it appears to be caused by, making the shooting more illegaler isn't going to slow it down even a whit.  Nor will banning guns.

If you really want to talk about hate legislation, let's not make the definitions of bigotry subjective.

It doesn't matter what the race of someone is if they hate another race.

It doesn't matter what the sex of someone is if they hate another sex.

It doesn't matter what the sexual orientation of someone is if they hate another sexual orientation.

Yes, that means that black people will be called out on their racism, women will be called out on sexism, and homosexuals will be called out on hetrophobia.

They're currently protected classes and have a safe haven to hate from.  Especially galling for women, because they are not a minority group.

A safe haven to hate from isn't something I imagine the police wanting or needing.

I know, I'm some kind of racist misogynist homophobe for thinking that equal means equal and that everyone should have the exact same rights as anyone else.  Silly me.

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