28 July 2016


The Model 12 feeds those cute little 1-3/4" shells!

With the duck stick plug removed that should give it a 11+1 capacity.  4+1 with the plug installed.

Pretty impressive for a 104 year old design, huh?

By the way, did you know that a 2-3/4" 12ga round is just 2-7/16" long?  The 1-3/4" shells measure 1-5/16" and a 3" is 2-9/16"...

The stated length of a shell is the length with the crimp unfolded after firing.


  1. Shotgun hulls are a little fast-and-loose with loaded overall length. Some shells are longer than others, so some brands my 590 holds 8+1 of 2.75" shells, and other brands only seven fit.

  2. He's right... which is one of the reasons when you are reloading shotgun shells you have to be careful to buy the right kind of wadding because due to variances in length as well as the thickness of the hull, etc, sometimes wadding that fits one brand of shells won't even fit properly in another.


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