18 July 2016


If you recall, back in December I posted that the phosphorescent night sights on Portia weren't quite dead, but they weren't far from it.

Marv bought some phosphorescent paint and he revived his.

I begged him to borrow some of the paint and he just revived mine for me.  Thanks!  It needs at least two coats and it takes like five hours to dry.  I didn't have time to wait for the drying so he borrowed the gun for a couple of days and did three coats.

Sights repainted, not charged:


Charged with a 1.5 second exposure instead of 10 seconds, same room lighting.  Also more to the side for the shot.

On a ten second charge with my 7w LED light, they are bright for about ten minutes and visible for much longer with all the lights out.

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