08 July 2016

Non Combatant

Dear Law Enforcement,

Though it appears that racists have declared war on cops, try to remember that most of us have not.

Promulgating policies that treat every citizen like the racists who've declared war on you will not make you safer.  Treating the innocent exactly like the guilty never has and never will.  It simply breeds further animosity at a time when you really should want more citizens on your side.

Sadly, as a citizen and voter, I cannot simply transmit my wishes to my elected officials and expect to be listened to.

I did not declare war on cop, I'm the proverbial law abiding citizen; but I do have a long standing policy that if you punish me for something I didn't do then I might as well be doing what I am being punished for.

Don't punish me for the actions of others and we'll never come into conflict.

Thanks, Thag.

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