11 July 2016

Ship Ownership

The standard GURPS: Traveller paradigm is paying 20% down and making 480 payments of 1/240 of the sale price.

For a Type A this is a Cr 28,855,200 vessel.  It's Cr 5,771,040 down and 480 payments of Cr 120,230.

Total outlay after 40 years is Cr 63,481,440.  GURPS: Traveller: Far Trader says that's a 5.57% APR.

This is fine for GURPS: Accounting, but how do you get a ship for your character in GURPS: Traveller?

Since starting wealth at TL10 is G$50,000 the full price of the ship is 577.104x starting wealth.  That'd be one level of Multimillionaire or 75 points to own a ship outright (Cr 50,000,000 starting)

Filthy Rich for 50 points just barely falls short of the down payment with Cr 5,000,000 starting.

Remember how we calculated the payments?  The Debt disadvantage lets you assume a monthly payment up to 20% of your starting wealth.  Cr 120,230 is 12.023% of the Cr 1,000,000 starting wealth that comes with Very Wealthy [30].  So Debt 13 [-13].  The value of the down payment is balanced against repossession if payments are missed and the down-payment is forfeited.  This also assumes you've got 480 payments in your future.  Buy equity and subtract payments due with wealth normally.

An A2 Far Trader's Cr 156,917.50 payment is Debt 16 [-16].

Ownership of a Subsidized Merchant is very different.  The government is making your payment in exchange for 50% of your profits for 40 years.  This ends up being a Patron/Duty relationship.

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