28 November 2017


This is amazing!  It's still going!

BelOMO is getting to AIMPoint levels of battery life with modern, Western, batteries.

I think that the 400 hour battery life was based on Belorussian alkaline batteries and not Energizer Ultimate Lithium.

We're at 12.5 times the expected life of the battery.

Do not hesitate to purchase a PK-01VS for your AK if you have a side rail to mount it.

It's mounted low enough you don't need cheek risers and it co-witnesses with your irons.

Good kit!

Plus, the battery ain't dead yet!  The test continues!


It's been on since: 1:50 pm (eastern), May 4, 2017.

5,000 hours is... 6 months, 24 days, 8 hours.

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