10 November 2017

How This Should Work

This is how checkering works!  This example is 20 lines per inch, cut to a depth of 0.025"

You scribe your first line with the 60˚ cutter then run the rest of the pattern with the spacing cutter.

The you take the 60˚ cutter and cut your initial pass  First two cuts in the picture from the left.  You don't cut all the way down to the finish depth of 0.025", but I wanted to exaggerate what was happening.

Then you take the 75˚ cutter and widen the furrow and deepen the cut.

Then you take the 90˚ cutter and make the little diamonds all pointy!

Fewer lines per inch, deeper furrows.  More lines per inch, shallower furrows.

I can tell that this is going to be a tactile skill and practice will make perfect.

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