21 November 2017

And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

I bruised the gin, I used garbage ice.

But it's still a tasty gimlet!


  1. Gin and tonic? Ah, gimlet is a type of cocktail, I'd never heard of it! I'm a fan of my malaria medication made palatable with booze. Mixed one up the other day with an accidental splash of lemon (thinking it was lime) and then lime after I noticed my error (because screw it, why not). It had a nice bit of zing to it, 9/10, would screw up recipe again.

    1. The Tom Collins (My personal favorite long-drink....and generally I drink short drinks, which the gimlet is no matter how tall Thag pours them) is supposed to be lemon, syrup, gin and soda. I like to go 50/50 lemon lime and it works every time.

  2. My jigger is 1-1/3 oz on the big side and 2/3 oz on the small.

    I gimlet with a 3:1 ratio of gin:Rose's lime syrup. So I have 4 oz. New Amsterdam and 1-1/3 oz. Rose's in there plus the ice.

    1. Get a graduated jigger or a jigger set. I think you will appreciate the precision.

      My standard gimlet is 1/2 oz simple syrup, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 2 oz gin. I have several substitutions to change the profile.


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