24 November 2017

Donald Hitler

If I didn't rage on you for 8 years for voting for Obama.

You've no fucking cause to rage on me for voting for Trump.

I've never made it a secret I want less Government in my life because less government means more freedom. Obama grew the government, I didn't need to rage about it, I just needed to watch it happen. I confined my comments to "told you so".

I've been quite the gentleman about it too. I got to endure the 8 years of frothing rage over ChimpyBushMcHitler. Where you kept telling me Bush was literally Hitler.

You know I'm a history buff, right? You wouldn't know Hitler if he handed you an engraved ticket to Auschwitz (cattle class).

At a MINIMUM, if you're literally Hitler you have to conquer France.


  1. Yep, tired of the crap here too...

  2. I had a coworker who's what could be called a centrist from the left (mostly Libertarian with some leftists views) who tried to claim that both sides are the same when it comes to political temper tantrums.

    Didn't take me long in listing off all the left-wing protests where people (PLURAL) were murdered or harmed, cities were burned, and violent crimes happened before he conceded the point.

    Hell just look at the "Woman's March" in Boston protesting Trump (for being Trump), the police chief issued a statement of how impressed he was at the protest, and how there were no arrests.

    Meanwhile when the Gun Owners Action league staged a rally in the same place, no statement.

    Bottom line, cops weren't concerned with us, but they were worried the lefties were going to riot....which they did a few months later in response to a Free Speech Rally.

    1. I went to a Tea Party rally in Tampa where the public works people swear the place was cleaner after the rally than when we showed up.

    2. As the GOAL rally was coming to a close out came the contractor bags, and every scrap of trash, no matter how old it was was policed with extreme prejudice.

  3. They wouldn't know Pinochet if he were ushering them aboard his helicopter for a free ride...*evil grin*


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