04 November 2017

Early TL7 Rifles

GURPS 4e would define several German guns as TL6+1 because while WW2 was primarily a TL6 conflict, many TL7 items were available.

US portable radio equipment is another example of stuff showing up earlier than the chronological cut-off.

I mentioned that the FG.42/I was popular with our group.

That's because it's 11 lb. loaded, does 7d pi damage that reaches to 1,000/4,200 with RoF 15, Recoil 3 and has detachable 20 round mags.

The FG.42/II is heavier at 12.9 lb. with a slower rate of fire at 12.

The Sturmgewehr 44 is 13.2 lb. loaded, does 5d pi out to 500/3,100 at RoF 8, Recoil 2 from 30-round magazines.

In game terms, the Fallschirmjägergewehr is generally better!

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