07 November 2017

Inching Closer To That Cossack

Sasha Jakobovich Millerov is a Ural Host Cossack from Modred.

He's also an arms smuggler.

On that pack horse there's the Mosin-Nagant PE sniper rifle he used to take out an isolated Fallschirmjäger team, 2 Mosin 91/30's, 2 K.98k's, and an MG.42.  I don't know how I'd mount the Brick Arms versions to the horse though...

Sasha is a 100 point character in the 3e world I made him for and a 312 point character in 4e translation.  To account for the changes in how TL and high TL stuff is handled, I had to drop 75 points at wealth!  This is because an FG.42 is a G$68,000 item in the TL3 world he was dropped into.

Of note, a horse is a three-hex creature in GURPS.  Notice how many hex bases the horses are standing on.

Steve Jackson OBVIOUSLY intended GURPS to use Lego Minifigs!

I've got a better hat for Sasha coming.

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