06 November 2017

What Is The Difference Anyways

What's the difference between a murderer's AR-15 and one of mine?

I ask because it appears to be coming up more often recently than normal.

The first thing I notice is the behavior of the owner.  This is the most important distinction between my guns and murderer's guns.

First thing?  That's the only thing!

Murder is against the law.  Murderers have already committed to breaking that law.

Laws against a particular type of gun have no effect on murderers.

Laws against a particular type of gun do affect the law abiding.  Because we obey the law!

I most certainly know how to make all the parts to turn my AR's into machine guns.  Why are they still semi-automatic?  We're back to that first and only thing aren't we?

Several of the rifles in the house have shorter barrels than the legally mandated 16" length.  Did we break the law here?  Nope, there's also an equal number of approved Form 1's from the BATFE allowing them to be too short.  First and only thing again.

So I demand that laws concerning the murder of people with guns only affect those who would commit such crimes and not encumber me in any way.

This is not too much to ask since it's actually mentioned in The Bill of Rights.

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