20 November 2017


One of the things I enjoy about hitting the range is sharing.

A fellow regular shared his .500 S&W today.  While not my cup of tea, it's fun to pop a couple of rounds with a muzzle brake that causes an orange curtain of flame.

I almost even hit the target too!  The sights were regulated low for how I was shooting it.

The owner, however, is completely comfortable with it!

Compared to Willard's 629PD (.44 Magnum) this gun isn't that bad!  It's not-bad enough that I think I could learn where to hold it to hit was I was aiming at.

I shared Laverne, my Savage 99EG in .300 Savage.

It shoots!

$2 a round, it'd bloody better shoot... mutter mutter...  Even with the hated buckhorn sights, I did OK.

I zeroed the new peep sight on Connie, the Marlin 30AS.  Forgot to take a picture of the target.  I'm far happier with her now that I can actually use the sights.  So far only my Remington 341 and Savage 99 have buckhorns that put the round where I think it should go.

The Colt Challenger, not-Woodsman, is also a fine shooting thing.

All three of these guns are pawn-shop finds.  Well under $500 invested.  I guess you have to see diamonds in the rough.  Because we like shooting, it's not such an issue to have a gun that's pristine, some honest wear and tear is OK, even a bit of neglect is tolerable if it still shoots.


  1. I consider my a shooter who collects. Interesting guns in bad to fair shape may go home with me on occasion.

  2. Angus,
    I was wondering if you reload for the .300 Savage. I have extra brass that I've acquired over the years. I decided to stick with my pet loads in RP cases, so all the others are free to a good home. 66pcs - Super X, resized and cleaned; 61pcs - Super Speed, resized, cleaned and primed; 20pcs misc brass resized, cleaned and primed. All primers are CCI 250 large rifle magnum primers. They work great with a Hornady #3031 150gr SP Interlock and 38.5gr IMR 3031 at 2475fps or 35.5gr IMR 3031 at 2300fps. Let me know if you are interested.............

    1. I don't reload for two reasons. One, I'm plumb out of space on the work bench. Two, I lack the meticulous nature to double and triple check that I kept the powders segregated and to check the charge weights religiously.

      It's something I'm interested in, but not quite ready to plunge into.

      However... I do know someone who DOES reload and has offered to do some loads for us if we let him have some once-fired cases. Extra cases are gravy if we pay for materials. Shoot me an email at McThag at gmail dot com

  3. Range time is ALWAYS good! :-)

  4. In one of our early range trips, eight years ago, we were in the next lane from a guy with a S&W 500. Not only did it seem to negate our ear protection, I could feel the blast from every shot, four feet away. I came away thinking that was a "Nope" experience. Nope nope nope nope nope... Never gonna shoot one of those.


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