29 November 2017

But Is The Beer Any Good?

Black Star Line Brewing Reports Death Threats And Hate Speech

One should not be subjected to death threats and hate speech.

The primary mission of this brewery doesn't appear to be to make beer, but to promote their social message.

“We chose to name the brewery Black Star Line due to our social mission and wanting to connect to the historical narrative of liberation and mobility,”

It's sounding a lot more like they have a social message they wanted to promote, found a place that didn't have many gay or black people in it (brewing) then began promoting the message, and by the way they make beer.

The tone is, sadly, typically SJW and off putting.

Is the beer any good?

What kinds of beer do they brew?

Notice that isn't mentioned?  Not even once!

Another quote:

"Ultimately, what happened with the messages is part of a bigger problem. In local communities, we would invite people to have conversations about intersectionality, social entrepreneurship, healing and liberation. One tangible action folks can take is asking others “How goes it with your soul?” and truly stopping to listen, witness, and hold space for their response."

It's apparently not their main product.

I wonder if they would have been left alone to brew if they'd not been manufacturing their primary product.


They're racists.  They're sexists.  They're hetrerophobes.

But since they're not white, not male and not straight; they can't be bigoted.

They're seeing their hate being reflected back and wrapping themselves in the victim mantle.

With so many reports of "racism" and "hate" turning out to be perpetrated by members of the hated group, I would not be shocked to discover that they've threatened themselves with death threats and hate speech just to capture the camera.

Social Justice Warriors don't seem to realize they've their own tells that give them away.


  1. Given the quote I suspect the death threats are coming from old English teachers who still care about the language.

    1. Old English is also a fine domestic malt beverage!

  2. From the name, I would guess that this beer is brewed by black nationalists who are fans of Marcus Garvey. His "Universal Negro Improvement Association" included a "Black Star Line," which was intended to buy ships to repatriate all American blacks to Africa.

    1. Is there a GoFundMe?

      I mean, buying ships to "repatriate" American blacks to Africa would be the greatest scam of all time.

      ... and the look on their faces as they trooped down the gang plank in Liberia (or similar) would create a memory for the ages.

    2. Garvey died in about 1940, if memory serves. I think the UNIA may still be around. Seriously, though, a GoFundMe for that would probably get a lot of support.


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