03 November 2017

Report To Character Generation

I can't find my character sheet for this guy...

But he's typical of several characters from one of many nexus worlds.

The FG.42 was a common gun for my characters because under 3e assumptions it would show up a TL earlier than guns like the FAL while having nearly the same game stats.  This would either bypass a TL ceiling or save me points from buying access to the higher TL.

Under 4e the access is much cheaper, but the price of the weapon in G$ increases astronomically.

We'd almost always take the FG.42 over, say, the StG.44 because of weight.  Fewer dice of damage at a shorter range with more encumberance?  Why would we take an assault rifle when we can have a battle rifle?

Never mind that FuzzyGeff and I colluded to make the stats a bit better than they should have been...


I can't even find any of my 3e character sheets with an FG.42.  They must have been tossed in the great character purge of 1996 when my character folder started to take over the entire back-pack.

The one 4e sheet that has an FG.42 on it is a Cossack I made as a supply drop for the rest of the party.  This minifig is clearly not that character!  He's near unplayable because of the huge G$ change in the big pile of equipment on the pack-horse.

I think the new nexus oriented character shown here will be a mage of some sort.  I haven't made a magic user for a while.

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