09 November 2017

Why Not A Million?


Or you could grow some balls and say that he's not entitled to any pay from the moment he deserted.

That he would never have been a captive had he stood his post.  Like he volunteered to do.

He's already getting far more than he deserves by being allowed to continue to suck precious oxygen away from better people, so why give him even a dime?

I like the tack that he might actually owe the Army at the end of this.  That'd be icing on the cake since there's a $10k fine to be paid in here too.

Since he skated on the proper sentence; being broke, in debt and unemployable seems the next best thing.

To show that I'm not completely heartless, I'll donate a refrigerator box to house him should he take up residence on the estate of any of his liberal supporters.

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