08 November 2017

Notable In Their Absence

In the Brick Arms light and general purpose machine gun catagory we have a Lewis, DP-28, Bren, MG.42 (Not shown), MG.34, RPD and an M60.

Where are the MAG and PK?

I think that a company that makes a Hotchkiss Mk1 would be all over the two most common GPMG ever made.

The've got a Mk.19, M2HB, DShK, M1919A4, M1917, Hotchkiss M1909 Benét-Mercié, Vickers and the previously mentioned LMG and GPMG.

They've several kinds of M249 and the SEAL Combat LMG...

But no MAG.

Why, Brick Arms, why?

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