06 November 2017

He Could Not Have

"ATF officials told reporters that SHITSTAIN legally purchased four firearms over the past four years."

No, ATF official, he could not have legally purchased four firearms over the past four years.

How do I know this?

Because SHITSTAIN was convicted of a domestic abuse charge via Courts Martial in the Air Force.

He was able to illegally make those purchases because the Federal agencies in charge of such things don't bother to keep their records up to date.

There's the blood of 46 innocent people, 26 of whom are dead, on the hands of the USAF Judge Advocate General Corps and the FBI agents who're responsible for the NICS checks.  It's also likely that the Texas Criminal Justice Information System dropped the ball as well, especially since it found him disqualified to have a carry permit.

To everyone crying that there needs to be a law; there is.

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