20 November 2017

Eighteen Month Notice

Haitian refugees from the 2010 earthquake just got their 180 day 18 month notice to unass back to Haiti.

People are losing their minds about how inhospitable we Americans are by telling them to go home.

Just a show of hands, how many years can I sleep on your couch before you expect me to get a job?

How long before you expect me to either move out or start paying my share of the rent?

Is it a lot shorter than seven years?

Let's face it, if Haiti wanted the problem these refugees are avoiding fixed, it would be fixed by now and fixed years ago.  Haiti doesn't want it fixed, and their people are not my problem.  Haitians are a Haitian problem and they can have them.

I am sick of the open borders concept that we have to take everyone who's been screwed over by living someplace shitty.

Tell you what, Haiti.  I have a plan.

You won't like it.

You'll call it racist.

We invade and declare Haiti a US territory then open it up to colonization by Americans.  Put in a territorial governor who's a puppet of the colonists and doesn't give shit one about the native population.

Be brutal to the native population while the Americanization of the place takes hold.  Make reservations for the natives to live on.  After a while, the place will be a prosperous state and part of the America that Haitians so desperately wish to live in.  Except they won't be allowed out of the reservations until they're fully assimilated as Americans.

I know this methodology works.  It was used for pretty much every state west of the Mississippi and east of The Rockies.

And since the world will call me an evil racist for doing anything, it might as well be something that has long term benefits for me.

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  1. According to what I've read, about the only time Haiti ever had a half-assed decent government, where ordinary people's lives and goods were reasonably safe, was during the period after Woodrow Wilson sent in the Marines. With the Marines in Haiti, all was coolness...the second they left, it reverted to the shithole it is.


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