12 November 2017

Covering For Sex Offenders

I've noticed a quiet, but building, trend to accuse conservatives of defending sexual predators when they're discovered.

I think that's projection again.

Because we have an example of how conservatives react when someone on our side is accused plausibly with such crimes.

Will Hayden.

I'll leave speculation about how people like him seem to gravitate towards Hollywierd's embrace to someone else.


  1. Or Senator Larry Craig. He may have been a Glory-hole commander, or maybe just caught doing something strange at the wrong time.

    Either way the GOP doesn't take such chances with such things, while Hollywood covers it up.

  2. On the other side of the aisle, I give you Roman Polanski. Convicted, he fled from justice, and even now the Hollywood crowd lionizes him and demands that he be allowed to return to the US.


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