10 November 2017

Durable Good

That wee little 5-round group at 25 yards is 4x larger at 100.

That's inside the 9's still.

It will double that at 200 yards.

Just barely inside the 9's.

With a rifle made in 1931.  With ammo purchased from Wal Mart.  Ammo that was selected on a price basis.

If properly cared for, this rifle will probably still perform this well for the grandchildren of people born today.

Gun banners are actively pissing off people who look at the group above and would wonder why I don't care enough to do better.

Actually, I can.  The 86 year old gun uses iron sights.  The target above is with optics.  Optics that have a smart-phone app to help compensate for range with a given round and magnification.

I don't consider myself a good shot.  But, I also remember being a great shot!  When I was a biathlete my shooting compensated for my poor skiing skills.  Almost enough to make National.  I have the measure of what it takes to get that edge back.

Gun banners should be asking themselves if they can risk angering people who, not only, can way outshoot me, but have already learned that they CAN shoot at a person and kill them.

People who are literally harmless if left alone.  Banning so-called "assault weapons" or wording a bumpfire stock ban in such a manner as to amount to the same thing is NOT leaving them alone.

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