27 November 2017

Harvey At The Range

The Lovely Harvey took a mental health day today and we used it to hit the range!

Pistol time didn't go so well.

She was on paper at 7 yards, but she was all over it.  I gave pointers and she's getting better, but she naturally grabs the pistol wrongly.

So we changed over to her AR at 25 yards, offhand.

MUCH better, much more relaxed and comfortable.

She commented that the Magpul grip on the AR felt fuller and more comfortable.

So I checked which grip panel was on her M&P 9... SMALL.

When we got home, we swapped in the MEDIUM and now the pistol falls into her hand naturally!  WIN!!!

Of course, we need to get back to the range to confirm, but some dry firing showed her doing much better than with the SMALL panel installed.

The AR shows that she's got the fundamentals down, she just needs to learn her pistol.

If I were to put this in GURPS terms, she's shooting pistol off her Guns/TL8 (Rifle) default.

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