18 November 2017

Morality Clause

Once I've got this checkering thing down...

I will be sorely tempted to restock my Winchester 54.

While it's the original stock, it's got that gaping hole in it.

Nobody makes an original profile stock, and starting with a 96% inletted, unfinished stock is much cheaper than running down an original in even fair condition.

That might even include the value of the labor.

I rage on Bubba here, so I worry about becoming him by restocking this gun.


  1. Part of becoming good at anything is being a bubba at it for a time. I llok at some of my earlier leatherwork and cringe.

    But at the time, I thought it was great.

    The key to developing any new skill is always remembering (no matter how long you've been doing it) that there is always room for improvement.

    I say go for it. But realize in 5 years, you may look at it, cringe, and have to buy a new stock blank.

  2. Keep the original stock, and if the new one turns out to be too 'bubba-ish', you can go back to the original one.

  3. I was going to wait until I'd gotten good a checkering before restocking it.

  4. That makes sense. Maybe spend 6 months cranking out 1911 grips? They have got to be easier than a whole rifle stock.

  5. Practice your woodworking by filling the hole in the original stock. There's several approaches you could use. One would be to try and match the original wood/color as closely as possible. Another is to simply fill it with any wood you like, just so the hole is gone. A third approach would be to fill it, then inlet a metal plate to cover the hole. Yet another approach would be to *use* the hole for storage of some small object - - a bore snake, compass, matches. Cap it with a hinged metal cover.

    1. I almost replied, "but I don't want to ruin it!" SIGH. It's already ruined. Functional, maybe fixable, but still ruined. It is only original once.

    2. Original" meaning "just like any other. Fixing it makes it yours for as long as you own it, and if you sell it, it will admittedly be at a reduced price, unless you become famous. In that case it becomes "Here's the famous rifle that Angus fixed, you can see the repair right here."


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