24 November 2017


Checkering is presently utterly beyond me.

There's something I am definitely missing about getting the lines to stay parallel with the 20 lpi cutter.

Dunno what it is, and I don't know what I don't know.

The cutting tool is binding a lot more than it should and I don't know why, when it binds, it jumps out of track and messes up the line.

Going to keep pestering at it and the Fugly Bear stock will be covered in aborted attempts.


  1. Keep at it.
    It's like the mini metal lathe I got.
    I fuck shit up on a regular basis but I learn something in the process.
    Grab a chunk of 2X4 and go at it man.

    1. I got one section that looked like it was going good then suddenly... I was cutting the diamonds in half with the spacer.

      A long road to learn this skill.

    2. I don't have the knurling wheel set up yet but eventually I will pick one up.
      It's pretty much the same thing. You might want to search Youtube for mini lathe knurling videos and see if there isn't something there to help you out.

  2. Went to School of Trades Gunsmithing years ago. Using checkering tools is always going to be tricky, but they told us to use larger muscles (its not in the wrist but the elbow or shoulder ) also find out if pushing works better than pulling if your cutting tools are reversible. Also make sure your starting line is absolutely straight. Use a piece of an old measuring tape and a scribe, not a checkering tool, to start. And don't be afraid to sand it down and start over when practicing. Luck
    Mark Gowen


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