11 November 2017

Scotch On The Rocks

I drink The Famous Grouse Smokey Black over ice.

I am not wrong to do so.

If you insist otherwise, perhaps your man-bun is too tight, Hipster.

There's a certain truth that drinking it room temperature and neat allows certain flavors to be perceived that you wouldn't otherwise.

It's also almost certain that unless you're a super-taster, you're not tasting those subtle nuances, ice or not.

I swear that this whiskey snobishness is entirely perpetrated by people who want to be wine snobs but don't like wine.

1 comment:

  1. Well ice will lower the vapor pressure, making the nose less pronounced. That being said it does subdue the alcohol burn which can be distracting. Also the water from the ice, some will say, will make certain flavor profiles more pronounced.

    I think the biggest deal is when you're outside sweating a cold drink tastes better, and when it's freezing outside and you're sitting by the fire a warm drink tastes better.

    Also there's just habit. I drink gin on the rocks, but Scotch neat. Bourbon I swing both ways, mostly depending on the weather outside.

    You aren't wrong is what I'm saying.


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