18 May 2018


The murderer is seventeen years old.

Too young to buy a gun from an FFL.  Even in Texas.

According to wikipedia, Texas has no age restrictions on possession.

Taking a gun to school appears to be a felony unless you have a carry permit and aren't being "reckless" with it.  You can't get a Texas Toter's Permit until you're 21 (except for active mil who can be 18).

Oh, has anyone noticed THIS teeny little law?  While we're all frothy about the idea of banning every gun under the sun and creating more magic lines on the ground to stop school shootings we always seem to forget that murder is illegal.

In every state.


Even Florida.

Wow!  It's like criminals don't obey laws or something!

If passing laws stopped crime then we'd have been done decades if not millennia ago.

If banning weapons from civilian possession prevented civilians from getting hold of some, there's quite a few conquering nations who'd have had much less trouble with their conquests.  Even the National Socialists, Soviets and Red Chinese failed to get all the guns.

The IRA managed to remain armed for how long?  Ireland is an ISLAND kids.

Speaking of the IRA, banning the manufacture and use of explosive devices didn't slow them down much, did it?

Maybe it's time to focus on the schools themselves.  What are they doing that's breeding people who want to kill as many of their fellow students as they can?

I'm betting we're going to hear about the Santa Fe, TX murderer being bullied.

Just like Columbine.  Just like Parkland.

Maybe it's time to return schools to local control rather than one-size-fits-all Federal control.

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