04 May 2018

Pedant Dilema

A question was asked, "Do you own a 1911?"

That seems simple, doesn't it?

You could say that I own two.

You could also say that I own zero.

Willard owns a genuine (refinished mixmaster) M1911.  So he owns one!  I think this is also his only USGI 1911.

He also has a bursting at the seams box full of others.


My Colt Government Model in .38 Super isn't an M anything.  Series 80 lockwork, stainless barrel, wrong caliber...  It's not even an M1911A1.

The Springfield Model 1911-A1 GI is the spitting image of a parkerized M1911A1 but that whole A1 thing makes it both a 1911 and not a 1911.  Plus the silly lock set into the mainspring housing...

Speaking of mainspring housings:  Does anyone make a blued, arched housing with a lanyard ring with lengthwise grooves in it.  Like a USGI one, actually.  I want one for my .38 Super and have be unable to locate one that didn't once belong to Alvin York or Frank Hamer judging from the prices (never mind that the wear on a vintage part won't match the barely used gun...)


  1. I had a liberal fraternity brother who was rabidly anti gun. I probably enjoyed calling my -1991A1 my "government model automatic" a little too much just to make him mad.

  2. Closest I have is a WWII era Remington Rand M1911A1 which was undoubtedly rebuilt at least once or twice before exiting government service. I bought it probably 12-14 years ago before the price really started to skyrocket on these.

    I did manage to find a GI style mainspring housing for my Springfield M1911A1, but I haven't gotten around to swapping it in yet. I got it from that little gun store that used to be on main street in Round Rock. The owner happened to have it in his stash of spare parts. Not long after that the Remington Rand appeared in his display case and I kinda lost interest in the Springfield. I still shoot it now and then but the Remington Rand is preferred.

    I also have a very holster worn Ballester Molina, which strictly speaking isn't a 1911 at all but a .45 ACP version of a Star. But it looks and feels a lot like a 1911, takes 1911 mags (although it is picky about which ones it likes). I got it from SARCO, it was their lowest grade. They put new springs in it and some fairly ugly grips. The barrel that came with it looked like a sewer pipe so I bought and hand-fitted a match grade barrel from MidwayUSA. I also peened the slide and rails to make the fit tight as it had the typical 1911 "rattle". I was very pleased that the end result now shoots as well if not better than my other two 1911-ish pistols... It is still ugly, not a bit of finish left on most of it... but functional.

    1. I deeply regret letting my Dad's Remington-Rand out of my clutches not once, but twice.

      I keep the Glock 21, that I don't even care much for anymore, as a penance for my foolishness.


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