31 May 2018

Scam Detector

I am not sure how Erich Pratt got my email address.

Probably nothing nefarious, I likely gave it to GOA and forgot why.  I might even have donated or "became a member".

A while back I created a "gun spam" folder and made a rule that dumped the emails from several sources of gun related stuff into it.

Mostly emails from places that I'd signed up for a gun giveaway or something.

Gunowners of America is in that folder too.  Because the unsubscribe button doesn't work and Erich sends me 3-5 breathless messages everyday.

Lately, though, I've noticed his emails are appearing in my normal in-box.

This is because he's using a different email address and the filters I'm using are based on the email addy of the sender.

I hate spammers.

Pratt is a spammer.

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