16 May 2018

Not So Cute

Sometimes that porg, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y'know the thing about a porg, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'... until he bites ya. And those black eyes roll over white, and then... oh, then you hear that terrible high-pitch screamin', the grass turns red, and spite of all the poundin' and the hollerin', they all come in and they... rip you to pieces.

1 comment:

  1. Chewie was a big Puss! I'd have eaten the shit out of that roasted Porg and looked into the lifeless eyes while I did it.

    Maybe fart some porg-scented farts in their general direction!

    I think Ducks are cute as shit, doesn't stop me from eating them as often as I can, and I'd kill my own if given an opportunity!


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