15 May 2018

Panic Tracker

Last night I made a nice orange chicken meal from a frozen kit.

It was very tasty, and I ate far too much of it too soon after another meal.

I got a confluence of my back hurting from sitting wrong, heart-burn and my heart skipping a beat (which it's done occasionally since childhood) while I was listening to my heart pounding in my ears.


Knowing that it was food and stomach related didn't help a bit.

But we have this spiffy blood-pressure cuff, so I took a few readings during the event.

Peak-freakout, at about 7:40 PM was 134 over 81 with my ticker running 110 per minute just sitting at my desk gulping for air.

I spent the next six hours trying to relax and calm down.  At 9:00 PM I'd managed a 113 over 73 at 90!  But that spiked back to 134 over 84 at 86 by midnight when I shut off the lights and moved into bed to lie there for the next three hours watching movies waiting for the heartburn to subside.

This morning I got 106/73 with 79 bpm at 9:20 AM and 115/73 with 74 bpm at 10:33 AM.

I feel MUCH better.

PS: the cuff has a handy little "health indicator" which shows a P if your systolic  goes over 120 or your diastolic goes over 80.  It changes to a 1 if your systolic goes over 130 and changes to a 2 when your systolic goes 140 or more or your diastolic hits 90 or more.

Those correspond to stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension.

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