25 May 2018

There's Medicine For That

My back hurts, I sit wrong to ease that pain.

That makes my sternum hurt.

They make this medicine called "ibuprofen" that miraculously causes the pain to stop.

You can buy it at any grocery store without any kind of background check or prescription!



  1. I was given Oxy for my surgery couple of years ago... Not a thing other than making my breathing slow down, which scared the crap out of me. Iwas then given Tramadoc or Tramadol, (I forget) and only a slight reduction in pain. I tried the G.I.'s candy and the darned thing cut the pain in half where I could bear it.

    1. Because industrial levels of Naproxen barely dent how bad my legs hurt, I'd stopped taking over the counter painkillers.

      So I am shocked that it works with the other things that hurt!

  2. Ah, Vitamin I. Come take the pain away.

    It's the only thing that works on my sinus pain when storm fronts come blasting in.

    Though there are some days that actually blasting might feel good, if a little permanent.

  3. Thanks! I just realized I hadn't taken my usual nsaids crap today, even though I spent some time trying to aggravate these joints. Reminds me to go take some Turmeric.



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